(re)N U
Renovation and Expansion
Capital Campaign​​

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--
but recognize the opportunity.
John F. Kennedy

Invest in our expansion by becoming a Donor and a part of  making the world a better, more equitable  place. 

NUNU Arts and Culture Collective took possession of an old potato kiln that had through time lost its relevance and fallen into obscurity and, with a team of member volunteers, opened it up to new use which drew attention to its potential.

What others had long since forgotten, the collective instead imagined all that it could become. With a sense of appreciation for the building’s past, it was renamed, “La Pataterie,” a French word describing its former use. This new name also served as a reminder that like us, it was representative of our Louisiana French and Creole cultures.

We then opened its doors  and like a magnet it drew to it all the richness that makes life worth living: music, dance, art, food, laughter, conversation and fellowship.

La Pataterie was lost to fire on February 4th of 2018 and with it, the loss of a young life.

Facing the future without “La Pataterie,” we now pick up the brush of crisis and with strokes of opportunity do what we do best - paint anew. Our canvas is the existing 5,000-square-foot former Singleton Hardware and Lumber Store where the NUNU marketplace and studio spaces are housed.

Below is an outline of what the collective envisions as a redesigned and expanded NUNU collective.

The new NUNU is designed with environmental consideration for reduction of environmental footprint and as a “culture factory “with affordable spaces," so as to encourage innovation and experimentation.

It will continue to serve as a platform inviting all to stand together as a thoroughfare between creative ideas and project development.

Education, arts programming, Creative Placemaking training, art business development, and Louisiana French and Creole languages and cultural promotion are all functions of the NUNU Collective. Because of this redesign and expansion of the facility, there will be spaces which function to support and fuel more diverse creative activities.

​You can help us with the redesign and expansion of the remaining 5,000-square-foot building by investing in the (re)NU Campaign which includes two fundraisers: 

The "Buy a Board" campaign is taking place on Facebook. For every $50, a signature of the donor is carved into a porch board that will be used to complete a wraparound porch. (You can purchase a porch board by simply clicking on an amount below and then following the prompts.)

"The Art House that YOU Built" fundraiser provides for more substantial investment opportunities that provide sponsors with clearly marked naming rights. (Scroll down to see the variety of options that are currently available.)

Infrastructure projects supporting the (re)NU project are:
  • Water & sewer--$69,000 (FUNDED) Anticipated completion, December 2018
  • Icehouse metal roof--$25,000 (FUNDED) Anticipated completion, December 2018
  • Electrical--Sugardew LLC--$15,000 (FUNDED) Anticipated completion, December 2018

Design, inspiration and donor options

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  • 900’ climate-controlled east entry addition will include restrooms and a recital room with a wall opening to the outdoor sculpture garden, thus becoming  a stage for small concerts and festivals.
  • 900’ open air west entry addition will include restrooms and ground level space with stepped seating in the round - primarily for use by partner non-profit, Louisiana Metalsmithing Association.
  • Professional interior craft gallery space for location of Deux Bayous’ Artist Collective.
  • Professional interior fine art space for Le Coin Gallery
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  • Special event interior “thoroughfare” for conferences, performances, presentations, and exhibitions, including mobile information and art kiosks representing collective partner groups and member artists from around Acadiana.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  • A lighted undulating polycarbonate wall allowing a mosaic of projected images of interior activities to be viewed on the building’s front exterior facade.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  • Small rear addition cafe’ to allow for pop ups and partnerships with career colleges and university culinary programs.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  • Maker’s spaces within an expanded mezzanine upstairs housing office and studio spaces for textile artists, screen printers, framers and graphic artists.
  • Meditation garden honoring those who lost their life along Corridor des Arts as a result of highway accidents. Garden area will feature lemon trees, a stage dedicated to Amede’ Ardoin, and a large scale outdoor loom. Other elements will seek to remember others who have made considerable contributions to Louisiana Culture.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  • Wraparound porch with sponsor names carved into the floorboards for plein air creation of art and programs including bathrooms and shower facilities for cyclists.
Buy a Board Fundraiser

Funding campaign begins, April 2018
Anticipated completion, August 2019
Your name here -- $50 (500 boards available) 

Thank you to our Porch Board Sponsors:

Renee Roberts
Chanler Holden
Jason Harrington
Marie Bossard (2)
Christy Diniz Liffmann
Linda Castle
Claire E. Thriffiley
Angela Cheng Finch
Mark West
Laura Huval
Cherie Hebert

Jimmy Hebert
Lauren Greene Whyte
Michael Cavaretta
Nia Michelle
Rhonda Freshwater
Felicia H Wiggins

Jean Gaye (2)
Du Duffles (2)
Oliver Mayeux
Nancy Noone Broussard
Celeste Chargois
Neal Olivier
Jason El Koubi
Pam Breaux (2)

David L Delhomme
Geoff Thistlethwaite

Michelle Fontenot
Gail Marchand (2)
Yvonne Pena Butcher
Christophe Pilut
Ginger Latiolais
Linda Arnaud
Mike Castrogovannie (2)
Beatrice Germaine-Marcella (2)
Bernard Ussher
Constant Charier (2)
James Cristallo
Bethany France
Brian Barnett

George Marks
Joy Rita Dautreuil Marks
Philippe Beuchot
Samuel L. McCracken
​Nancy Noone Broussard 
Robyn Marie Underwood
Dona Degatur
Aimee Smallwood (2)
Margaret Fowler & Jason Milam
Denise Hurd
Joshua Junior

Sue Schleifer 
Cassi Albarado
Scott Albarado
Anne Gadwa-Niocodemus
Shannon Kidder Taylor (2)
Katy Richard
Suzi Savoy Santillo
Shawn Allen Dugas & Bryan Montealegre
Amanda Lafleur Giambrone
Sandy LaBry
Cynthia Alleman

All contributions matter. Thank you to the following for making donations.
Names will be inscribed on a commemorative pole on site at NUNU.

Hortense Charier, Charlie Whitney, Tina Besse, LJ LeBlanc, Lisa Lutz, Micah Fincher, Lisa diStefano, Duncan Thistlethwaite,
Kelly Pepper, Suzanne H. Stelly, Sandra Sarr, Barbara Allard

The Art House that YOU Built
Make a more substantial investment.
Contact: George Marks at 337-484-9190 or georgemarkstudio @gmail.com for more information.

Permanent Naming Rights
Names will be carved into the wood

Entrance Steps-anticipated completion, August 2019
$100 (FUNDED)
Florent Hardy Entrance Step
Paul Hardy Entrance Step
Kristin Sanders Entrance Step
Larry Lanclos Jr Enrance Step
Your name here--$200 (3 available)
Your name here--$300 (4 available)
Your name here--$400 (4 available)
Your name here--$500 (2 now available)
N.A. Wendte Entrance Step
Brenda and Larry Curtis Entrance Step

Seating Steps- anticipated completion, August 2019
Loretta Bourque Seating Step
Janelle Guidroz Seating Step
Erilda Arnaud Seating Step
Your name here--$1000 (2 available)
Your name here--$1100 (2 available)
Your name here--$1600 (1 available)
Your name here--$1700 (1 available)
George Arnaud Seating Step
Lawrence Guidroz Seating Step
Larry Bourque Seating Step

5-Year Naming Rights

Entrance Door Sponsors-December, 2018

Your name here--East Side Entrance

Your name here--West Side Entrance

ABC Fund East Front Entrance--$2500 (FUNDED)

Your name here--West Front Entrance

5-Year Naming rights
Interior Renovation--December 2018

Your name here--East Loft Sponsor

Your name here--West Loft Sponsor

Your name here--Textile Studio & Maker's Space

Your name here--Silk Screen Studio & Maker's Space

Your name here--Frame Shop & Maker's Space

Your name here--Deux Bayous Gallery

Your name here--Le Coin Gallery

Your name here--IT Maker's Space

Your name here---Projection Wall

Your name here-- -East Hall Thoroughfare​

Singleton Central Hall Thoroughfare

Your name here--West Hall Thoroughfare

East and West End Additions
Funding campain begins, April 2018
Anticipated completion, August 2019

Reilly Recital Room and Stage
$50,000 (Funded)

Your name here--LAMA Porch Pavilion and Stage

Culinary Maker’s Space*
Funding campain begins, August, 2019
Anticipated completion, August 2020

Your name here--Screened-in Cooking Porch

Your name here --Demonstration kitchen

*Naming rights for the entire Culinary Maker's Space is available in lieu of individual naming rights--$60,000

Memorial Garden Project*
Funding campain begins, August, 2019
Anticipated completion, August 2020

Memorial Garden Project*-
Your name here---Performance stage

Your name here---Amede’ Ardoin Lemon Grove

Your name here---Dog Park and Sculpture Garden

Your name here---Memorial Sculpture Garden

All contributions matter. 

Darrell Bourque--$1000

*Naming rights for the entire garden project is available in lieu of individual naming rights--$60,000