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Girley Olivier and Erilda Arnaud
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Come by for a visit and complete an application in-house…we love company!
Complete the detailed application attached and mail it along with full payment to the address indicated on the form.

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A NUNU membership supports:

Monthly programming, including:

Le Village Gaulois - A French immersion class taught via Gaulish tales and culture.

Les Coudre Points - A quilting and needwork circle. French vocabulary introduced as related to subject.

Teche Farm - An eco-campus that offers educational programming and product development.

Demitasse - A short story club that explores writings by Louisiana authors.

Spiritual Living Circle - A discussion group that investigates writings that explore theological and spiritual beliefs.

Drum Circle - A practice of improvisation and exploration in percussion techniques.

Potluck Social - A monthly potluck gathering for friends, neighbors and visitors. Live band and dancing to traditional Cajun music. Entry: Bring a covered dish to share with others.

La Table Française - A francophone gathering where "All French is Good French."

La Table Jeunesse - A youth francophone gathering, ages 7-17, that focuses on strengthening French language use.
Family (+children under 16)
Student (16+ college)