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    Louisiana Metalsmiths Association is dedicated to the sharing and continued development; understanding and education of metal-smithing with particular attention toward black-smithing.
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Our partner, the Louisiana Metalsmith's Association (LAMA),  located a workshop at NUNU for the purpose of meeting, working and teaching smithing but before that could happen, LAMA performed structural repairs on the Singleton barn, which stands just west of the Collective's gallery and studios.

The new industrial studio will be known as the Percy "Perc" Courville Blacksmithing Studio.

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Restoring a barn to maintain a craft tradition
Cheryl Devall, Gannett Louisiana

It would've been hard to pick a hotter day for a barn raising.

By 11 a.m. Saturday, the temperature in Arnaudville hovered around 90 degrees under a bright, hot sun.

But the blacksmiths of the Louisiana Metalsmiths Association — LAMA for short — hammered, drilled and hoisted tin onto the roof of an old wooden barn. They plan to turn it into a workshop for their craft and a place to teach it to others.

"We have been given charge of this barn to repair and preserve it," Richard Delahoussaye, a leader in the group, said under an open-sided tent that offered welcome shade.

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