Daily, weekend or week long experiences

Arnaudville  is the perfect place for individuals to participate in cultural immersion programming.  Our Cultural Immersion team can organize an immersive experience that focuses on French, English or a combination through one of two programs. The first include Themed Immersion Weekends and the second allows you to build your own by selecting from a list of our Atelier listings.

Our unique program is perfect for universities, high schools and casual adult learning. It is also perfect for groups not affiliated with educational organizations as well as  for corporate retreats and team building.

Contact our Cultural Immersion Team and let them know the type of program you are interested in so that they can aid you in customizing your unique cultural immersion experience. 

Mavis Arnaud Fruge
Co-Director of Cultural Programming

Why Immersion in Arnaudville?

Straddling the parishes of St Landry and St Martin and 30 minutes from Lafayette, Arnaudville is located in the heart of rural Acadiana at the junction of Bayous Teche and Fuselier. All eight approaches to Arnaudville take you through cloud land. The vistas rival any magical show on earth. It is a place where our culture adds to our economy. In recent years, the Arnaudville area has become a haven for musicians, artists, dancers, writers, photographers, culinary, eco adventurers, and champions of the French language where approximately four out of 10 residents still speak French on a daily basis.

At the core of that development is NUNU. NUNU is dedicated to fostering  a living culture using a combination of art, music, dance and French. It features a variety of programming including La Table Français d'Arnaudville, hosted by Mavis Arnaud Fruge, where locals and visitors alike share conversation filled with stories and song over a complimentary cup of coffee.

And French isn't just limited to NUNU, you can find it scattered throughout the collection of stores, shops and restaurants. While visiting,  just look for the CODOFIL sponsored signs scattered throught the community, “Ici on parle français.” Simply start the conversation in French and see where Jacqui Duplechin at Thrifty Way Pharmacy, Girley Olivier at St Theresa's Thrift Shop and  Huey Wyble at Wyble's Sno Balls take you!

Arnaudville hosts three annual events where French abounds beginning with a conference, centering it
with an art festival and ending with music and a cele
bration of music and etoufee- Semaine de la Francophonie Creative Placemaking Summit and the Etouffee Festival, all in the month of April.

Arnaudville is also home to Bayou Teche Brewing, a craft brewery featured on the Louisiana Brewery Trail.  Here beers are crafted to complement the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles, like LA-31 Boucanée – made with cherry wood smoked wheat.

Amanda LaFleur
Co-Director of Cultural Programming

Jacqueline Cochran
Marketing and Communications

 In addition to pairing well with local dishes, all beers are named in French to help preserve the culture and language.  Visit the brewery’s tap room, nicknamed the “Triangle Hang Out” for samples, live music and food trucks on Saturdays, or tours in both French and English.
The town’s Deux Bayous Cultural District, effective since October 2008, is a part of the Louisiana Cultural District (LCD) program and features places like Tom's Fiddle and Bow where on the first Sunday of every month you can sit on or listen to an organic acoustic French music jam.  This designation means that visitors reap part of the benefits as sales of original artwork are tax-free.

And French development doesn't end here in Arnaudville, it expands along the Corridor des Arts connecting the communities of Henderson, Cecilia, Frozard, Grand Coteau and Sunset as well as throughout Acadiana. From the St. Landry Parish visitor guide en français, signs, newspapers, and menus to everyday phrases and our surnames, French culture and language are on full display here. Throughout, it is very common to still hear both Cajun and Creole French being spoken today. Radio stations like KRVS and KBON feature programs such as Bonjour Louisiane and Rendez-vous des Cajun that are broadcast en français.